Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Vanity fans. The long awaited series for September is now launched and ready for order taking. Check them out before stocks run out =)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


New handbags have been uploaded into our August collection. Check them out at Vanity Handbag Boutique and grab them before they are gone.

Adios =)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Shopping with us is now made EASIER

GOOD NEWs for fans of Vanity Pot

We are glad to announce that we now have an online inquiry and order form to make your shopping with us more convenient and less hassle free.

For all inquiries or order confirmation, you may click on Vanity Inquiry & Order Form found on right side of Vanity Pot Closet's website and fill in the details. We will then revert back to you via email.

Sure hope this will make your shopping experience with us an even more enjoyable one =)

(PS: Do remember to fill in your Date of Birth so as to enjoy special treats from us on your birthday month )

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prada Handbags - Hot 10

Italian fashion house Prada is well known for its modern, wearable handbags with a touch of glam & elegance. Although it is hard to ever go wrong with a Prada handbag, here are a few favorites from their collection for this season.

1. The Prada Pebbled Leather Weekend Bag is the perfect tote for a quick overnight away from the city. Chic white pebbled leather body and sturdy leather handles provide the backdrop to elegant gold hardware.
buy for $1640 at

2. When you are feeling like standing out in a crowd, or can’t break out of a monochromatic fashion rut, consider this unique, colorful Prada Plex Stampato Tote. It evokes everything from the circus, to 1970s leather flower embroidery, and definitely makes a strong statement.
buy for $1.200 at

3. This Prada Camel Beige Handbag is the perfect carry-all size handbag, complete with pretty and yet very useful little pockets and a Prada logo for that glamorous Prada shine.
buy for $790 at

4. The Prada Napa Fringe Hobo from the Spring 2007 collection is a much better choice than the small dog some women insist on carrying like an accessory. Those who are too cool for labels will appreciate the subtle Prada logo peeking out from under the fringe.
buy for $2.195 at

5. For traditional Prada charm, try this Prada Large Leather Handbag in trusty made out of textured calfskin leather. Goes with anything camel color makes this bag an easy pick.
buy for $949.00 at

6. This fashionable yet elegant White Prada Tote will be a great companion wherever you go this summer. There is no other accessory that would beautifully compliment your summer look and at the same time would contrast so well with your gorgeous sun-kissed skin.
buy for $540.00 at

7. Get noticed with this Prada Large Orange Leather Purse. Cute shape and added details including silver metal hardware, and signature Prada Triangle, this is the perfect summer tote.
buy for $899.00 at

8. When looking for the proper Prada to take to the moon, you can’t get to the future any faster than with the Prada Metallic Gaufre Messenger Bag. The silver ruching looks so comfy - you could turn it into a pillow, or perhaps a flotation device?
buy for $2.680.00 at

9. This sugary shimmery Prada Gold Woven Leather Handbag’s lovely vintage shape and futuristic metallic, hand-sprayed shading create a sublte sense of confusion mixed with high-brow fashion taste.
buy for $599 at

10. Can a girl ever have too many red handbags? My answer is no. This red, buffalo-leather modern Prada carry-all is my personal fav and also a real bargain!
buy for $239.00 at

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maxis & Tiers are IN!

Floor-skimming maxi & Tier dresses are huge this season! Maxi dresses are flying off the hangers for high summer! And if you’re hitting the summer festival circuit rather than layering up or putting thermals under your mini – instead go maxi. Some of us may not have Kate Moss thin legs to go for short shorts at festival time, which is why this maxi dress could be your new best friend this summer.

Tier dresses are also the next hot thing. Many celebs such as Elizabeth Hurley have been spotted with tier dresses at many functions & events.. yum yum, she looked gorgeous, spotted her in the papers today as well...nice..
Think some dresses we have in Vanity Pot Closet can do the job too! Ok, got to sleep now, work tomoro =Z

Grey-It Trend

Love grey, wear grey. Grey walls. Grey clothes. Grey cars. No melancholy tendencies here but I just find it plain comforting, and classy. And paired with summer white jeans they are a solid trend.

Looks like there’s a realm of celebrities who also think that warm grey with crisp white is a good summer trend. Get a kimono sleeve sweater like J-Lo’s at Nab a simple cardigan like Hilary’s at, or belted like Kate Middelton’s pick.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It has Arrived!

Yippee dooo! The 2nd batch of stock for Aug has arrived! Very exciting.. All of them look so pretty, i want one of each..but I think my hubby will slaughter me cos' it will burn a hole in my pocket and Vanitypot will have no stock for you ladies out there at the rate i'm buying them instead. =)

I MUST control... control & control.. :S must go through each piece tomoro to make sure everything's ok before sending them to those who have ordered.. zzz..z.z.z. nitez...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Fans of Vanity Pot Closet. We are very excited to announce the launch of our new series for August. We promise that this new series will be of even more colorful and with more varieties & designs. We have also added an additional section for Ladies Accessories consisting of belts and handbags which can be found on the right side of our blog shop's main page. Do check it out. Adios.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fashion Mistakes - 9 Looks To Avoid !!!

There are many fashion mistakes women make and here we have picked out 9 of the most common ones.

Many people make these mistakes as they try too hard, or want to make sure they are wearing the latest fashions or styles regardless of whether it suit them or not.

Fact is, anyone can present a stylish fashionable look. There are styles and fashions out there to suit everyone.

9 common fashion mistakes

1. Your clothes don't fit correctly.

Wearing baggy clothes will add weight to anyone. Clothes that are too small accentuate bulges and can make you look ridiculous.

Don't buy anything thinking that it will be "just right" if you lose weight. Buy for the present and in relation to your clothes size now.

2. Wearing wrinkled clothes.

A great suit or dress won't do you any favors unless it's wrinkle-free. Avoid this fashion mistake and buy clothes that are easy to care for and don't wrinkle easily.

3. Fashion trends that don't suit you.

Don't try to follow trends that don't suit you. Keep in mind your figure and age and only wear what looks good on you.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone follow fashion for the sake of it. Face reality, if short skirts are in and you haven't got the legs for it don't do it!

There are plenty of fashionable looks out there and it's a question of finding the ones that are best for you.

4. Showing bra & panty lines.

Wear proper fitting undergarments under your clothing. If they do fit you correctly and you can still see lines, then your clothing is too tight. If you are dress size 14 except it and don't try and squeeze into a 10.

5. Wearing skirts that are to short.

Avoid this fashion mistake at all costs. Keep your bra straps properly adjusted so they're not hanging out. If your jeans and trousers are low-rise, your panties should be too. Don't wear a skirt or dress that is too short. Make sure you can sit, walk and dance without exposing undergarments. There's a huge difference between looking sexy and tacky!

6. Wearing too many Colors.

A common fashion mistake is using to many colors. As a general rule wear up to three colors only, for a easy on the eye coordinated look.

7. Wearing too many prints.

Don't try to mix and match prints or you'll create a look that's far too busy. Patterns don't look good on everyone. If you're one of those people that look good in just about anything, choose a pattern on the top or bottom, but not both.

8. Using the wrong accessories.

Finish off with accessories that match your style and don't over do it.

For example with necklaces choose the correct length. For example, short chains and chokers tend to make your neck appear larger. If you are going out in evening wear make sure your handbag is sleek, small and coordinated, a big slouchy bag will totally ruin the look.

9. Clothing & Shoes Should Match.

Keep your clothing and shoes in the same color unless using black which goes with anything. Don't ever make the mistake of mismatching light and dark colors i.e. dark clothes and light shoes and vice versa.

These fashion mistakes tend to come from people not accepting their body type and wearing the latest fashion because its popular.

REMEMBER. To look your best, always be true to yourself and you will present a stylish confident look that will create the right impression for all occasions.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Women's Fashion Summer 2007 - Hot Colors

We respond to color above everything else because it's instinctive! If we use it correctly, it can create dynamic and dramatic effect. Here we will outline some hot colors and color combinations that will be a feature of women's fashion choices in summer 2007.

1. Yellow
The color that Chinese associate with royalty and wealth is set to be a big hit for the summer of 2007. If one color sums it up, then it's got to be yellow and there is definitely a shade of yellow to suit everybody including: Banana yellow, dazzling yellow, neon lemon, lemon lime.
Yellow itself is a strong color, but can be muted with Colors such as cream, black and grey.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, do pick a strong bright yellow such as an acid yellow which is strong and dazzling representing a high level of energy.
However one needs to be careful of the yellow that you wear to match it to your skin tone - Those with fairer skin tones should stick to subtle pastels of yellow leaving bright yellows to individuals with darker and olive skin color. Otherwise you will look "washed out" in your clothing.

2. Black and white
Black and white is a great combination and never seems to go away. For the summer of 2007 you will see a lot of it since it's a flexible combination that suits all.
Classic black and white blocks are in and you can add a splash of color such as red or a yellow for that final touch.

3. Sharp color combo
Just like black which is a sharp color, one may also consider to have a sharp color combo using blue. Try dark navy blue trimmed with red.

4. Royal Blue
Royal blue is THE Blue to wear for the summer.
The good news is you can choose any item of clothing you like and they will all look great: Cotton tops, blouses, mini-skirts, shoes, purses, bags will all look great in this wonderful royal color.
If you love this color, you can make it the star of your outfit, by enriching your wardrobe with a dress in this fantastic color.
Unlike yellow this is a much easier color to wear and you don't need to worry about your skin tone, hair color or anything else for that matter - it's a great color for all women.
The catwalks of the world have already featured this color in all its glory and you can too! This is a summer essential and a royal blue dress offers flexibility for both work and evening wear.

5. Gold & Silver
Gold and sunshine go together and gold shimmers can really make you stand out from the crowd. Gold is glamorous, sexy and futuristic.
Silver has the same effect as gold and has been popular throughout 2007 and will still maintain its popularity this summer.
To get into silver or gold, try a bag and shoes combo and set them off with Black and blue dress respectively.

6. Floral Colors
Floral colors are back in a big way this season and offers a warm and sunny look.
Floral motives and warm color pinkish nuances have been a feature with all fashion designers for shoes, shirts, dresses and handbags.
Try a silk floral top for comfort and class and the ultimate in femininity. A short floral dress with high heels will be perfect for that romantic meeting on a summer evening.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Loyalty Program for our customers

We will soon be coming up with a Loyalty Program to reward our Vanity Fans. So be sure to check in regularly for any updates and news for the rewards that you can enjoy as our customer.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Ladies. We have launched our new series for JULY-B. Do check out Vanity Pot Closet for our this lovely apparels and REMEMBER....local normal postage fee will be waived off for all orders received from now till 15th August 2007.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Promotion for Official Launch of Vanity Pot Closet

To celebrate the official launch of Vanity Pot Closet, we will be absorbing the local normal postage fees for orders made from now till 15th August. Delivery by registered postage will require an additional top-up of SGD$2.50.
Hurry. While stocks last !!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spring/Summer 2007 Fashion Trends

For Spring Summer 2007, the key fashion trends hinge on futuristic space age looks, gleaming shining iridescent fabrics, romantic folkloric delicate softness, sporty slouchy looks, body conscious sculpting and an 80s neon colour vibe.

The top 10 fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2007 focus on:-

*Dresses - Every style imaginable from ultra short, mini, knee and maxi
*Futurist - Space Odyssey 60s retro futurist, fantasy armour, satins, patent, plastic, rubber and leather
*Metallics - Sweet wrapper looks, gold, silver, shimmer, shine, gleam, lustre and sparkle
*Romantic Looks - Soft layers, floral looks, softer colours, bows, delicacy and lace
*Folkloric Styling - Folksy traditional and paisley border prints and peasant necklines
*Slouch Looks - Easy jersey dressing, Brit boy and soft casual over sizing
*Luxury Sport - Sophisticated sporty looks in luxury glamorous fabrics
*Bold Prints - Monochrome patterns in oversized abstract and organic imagery
*Neon Brights - Dazzling Colour and clashing colour mixes
*80's Body Conscious - Cling, fit and glamour

Monday, July 16, 2007


Ladies ladies.....Announcing the official launch of our blog shop Vanity Pot Closet. Hope all of you will like our first series of ladies apparels which we have brought in.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Coming soon to town

Hi Ladies.

We are now into the final stages of constructing our blog shop. It should be ready within these next few days. Do keep a lookout for the launch of our first series of ladies apparels from Vanity Pot Closet.


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